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Shop Naked and save at Wild Mountain Soap Company.

OK, first things first, put your clothes back on.  This is not that kind of shop naked event. And, you had better not show up to the shop or any of our events naked as well.  Alright, that is an option at some of the music festivals.  We wanted a way to show off our pretty soaps and give you a way to save a little money.  Buy any of the soaps on this list without packaging and we will knock fifty cents off each bar.  It is good for the environment and you will be able to tell your friends that you shopped naked at Wild Mountain Soap Company.

Oh and if it is not on the list, then it was a little shy and wanted to stay boxed.  We do not force any of our soaps to get naked if they don’t want to.


Earn up to 8 Bubbles.

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Weight 6.5 oz
Naked Soaps

Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Appalachian Waterfall, Mountain Energy, Deviant, Blackberry & Sage, Hillbilly Hippy, Cedar and Saffron


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